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Well, hello there. Seems like it have been years I left this blog. Quite surprising it still can be used. Hahahaha. Thanks to my dear friend, NasruHadi (a.k.a MengenalDiri) for urged me to update this blog.

Basically, I am not a writer. Not a writer. I am not fond into writing at all. As addition to that, my writing is so damn boring and confusing. But maybe this blog will help though. **Hope so.

This entry just have one intention. To let my little fat fingers exercising in the keyboard before start to post the new entry/entries.

For other bloggers out there...hey! Thanks for drop by and may hope see you guys here more often! (which referring to me,,,,,to open this blog more often!) =)

Smile dear.

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  1. al said...
    same! da lama x tulis. siap off lg. tetibe rindu nak mengarut balik. haha

    welcome back, teammate :)

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