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My first attempt of this year to start blogging again.
I have my own reason why should I start back writing. (^_^) well, it is not a good idea to share the whole picture with you guys, right? :p

Chin up.

I just went back from a quick visit to UMT. Two days, three night. Few missions but received back thousand of memories and values.
Alhamdulillah, how I much thankful to Almighty for His bless and mercy.


Went back to my University, not only dragged me to remember all the memories that had past, also made me realized how should I response in my future. What should I be. How much can I contribute to the world? Just thinking of all that, make me wishing that I have enough courage and time to complete all the dreams.


It is not easy for every person to say "thanks" and mean it. It is not a job for every soul-emotional organism to been appreciated and to give appreciation. It is the human right. Even, we are not that human-sense at all. Irony.

Walk the Talk. Game the Dream.

Time is Money. But so does money. In order to conquer money, we have to run across time. Even, time to love and be loved. Hence, to keep time within love, money in a huge gamble. Such thing is common. Only few passed it. While others, who believed they already passed it, eventually realized that they actually struggling in it. Deep inside, those who believe in God keep praying and those who doesn't start searching. Everyone can say any word they want. To believe it, it is our choice. Everyone has their right to give opinion and advise, but at the end we are the one who will decide who we are and that is our choice.

Small step.

An effort still counted an effort, no matter how big or small it is. The different is, the result; the target; the mission. Then, everything's matter. Who are we today? Who are we tomorrow?

See you guys next time.

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